In my 50+ years of training and developing curriculum for public schools, private industry, the federal government, the Armed Forces, state governments, court systems, and the National Safety Council I have rarely worked with an individual as motivated as Debra Ferris. 

She develops a personal interest in client problems, program needs and regulations active in the industry and identifying the right qualified professional trainer. This is all done on a professional relationship development with both future clients and talented educators. 

Once the program has been conducted, she follows up to understand from the client and the trainer the outcome and any further needs. 


Colonel James A. Solomon

Driver and Traffic Safety 

Educator, Trainer and Consultant 

Debra Ferris is an extremely articulate, intelligent individual, and a natural leader who is held in the highest esteem by her peers and associates throughout the Occupational Safety and Health realm. Possessing naturally intuitive leadership abilities, Debra displays a superlative talent for making very timely, responsive and accurate decisions in providing customers with superb service. Debra is a highly motivated individual, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of all technical and administrative aspects of the myriad Occupational Safety and Health programs. Her drive to help others pursue personal excellence through education and her unrelenting devotion to others in achieving professional improvement are truly impressive.


T. T. Watkins

Occupational Safety and Health Division Head 

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility

Working alongside Debra and Felipe for over a decade, I was always impressed with the care they took to make sure training was a win-win for both the third party trainer and the organization that is training employees. They do this by developing relationships with the trainers and understanding the needs of their clients. Debra and Felipe understand that great safety training experiences can play a huge role in developing a strong safety culture within organizations big and small.  


Paul Gibson 

Channel Partner Manager 

SHE Software

I have known and worked with Debra and Felipe for the past 10 during my tenure at the National Safety Council.  I find them both to be “go getters”.  Together they have identified, developed, and connected with multiple clients nationwide.  I worked with Felipe directly on the Fiat Chrysler management training project, and with Debra on EHS training and consulting for multiple branches of the Armed Services.  I find their work professional, competent, timely, and above reproach. I am delighted to be a part of Find Safety Trainers.


Chuck Garwood

Safety Trainer & Consultant

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the services of Debra Ferris. I have worked with Debra for over ten years. Her team of subject-matter experts monitors changing regulations and trends to bring you the solutions you need to keep your employees informed and safe, and your company compliant and profitable.  Her ability to generate leads, land safety-training and consultant business, and reach out to third-part trainers and consultants is unparalleled.


Andrew Williams

Executive Director

Tennessee Regional Safety Council

I have enjoyed working with Debra for more than 10 years based on her innovation and productivity when it comes to solving individual and business training issues. Debra takes a personal interest in analyzing client problems and identifying the right-fit professional trainer resources needed. Once the training is complete, she follows up to understand client experience with the training and to ensure that needs are met.


Michael Ezzell

Greater TX Training

Working with Felipe at NSC and the OSHA Ed Center was a fantastic experience. In my role as the Marketing Committee chair for the OTIEC's, Felipe consistently uncovered fantastic resources and connected us with potential partners that helped grow the entire program. He is very solution-oriented and remains a go-to resource for me in the safety world.


Brandon Chavez

Former Marketing Committee Chair

OSHA Training Institute Education Center Region 9

I had the pleasure of working closely with Felipe Reyes & Debra Ferris for over 7 years at the National Safety Council.  The two are consummate professionals, specializing in generating leads, closing safety training & consulting deals, and developing relationships with trainers and consultants to get the jobs done in a professional matter.


Robert Thomma, CSP, MBA, PMP

Vice President, EHS Sales, Americas,