How it Works

 How it Works

Welcome to Find Safety Trainers.

Find Safety Trainers is a free online directory of safety trainers and consultants from across a broad spectrum of industries. We make it easy for buyers of safety services to connect with third-party safety professionals.  

Your organization may periodically need on-demand safety training and consulting services to bring in a skillset you don’t have in house or to backfill your staffing needs on a temporary basis. When that time comes, the selection process involves these 5 criteria:    

  1. Topic
  2. Trainer
  3. Date
  4. Location
  5. Price

Use our directory to easily search by Topic, Trainer, and Location.  Once you connect with a safety professional, you are free to discuss Date and Price. Simply click the Send Message button on a profile and start a conversation. The service is free to use; we won’t ask for a fee or commission.

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