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Our team has spent years in the business of safety ...

Find Safety Trainers, LLC is a platform that connects safety professionals with businesses that need on-demand safety trainers and consulting services. We operate as a freemium model, meaning that the basic listing service is free to use.

Our sales and marketing know-how is specific to the safety industry.  Now we’re bringing this experience to bear at Find Safety Trainers, LLC.

By helping safety professionals connect with buyers of safety services we’re helping the people that keep us all safe.



Felipe Reyes was the Director of the Workplace Training and Education Business Unit at the National Safety Council from 2010 thru 2018. During his tenure he launched 13 safety training products and grew the training business by partnering with many third-party trainers to deliver safety services to large multi-national clients and the US Federal government including ThyssenKrupp, Boeing, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, American Airlines, and the Department of Defense.

He also represented NSC as Director of the National Safety Education Center Region 5, an OSHA Training Institute Education Center. Felipe was recognized by OSHA for his work on the Ed Center Marketing Committee.

After NSC, Felipe was the Director of Commercial Alliances at the American Marketing Association working with firms such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Adobe, and the Wall Street Journal on their sales and marketing initiatives.

He earned an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Innovative Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing and holds a Certificate in Disruptive Innovation from Harvard Business School.

Email: felipe.reyes@findsafetytrainers.com


Debra Ferris served as the Director, Safety & Health Solutions, Government Sector at National Safety Council from 2007 thru 2020. She was responsible for building long-lasting relationships with Federal agencies and the US Government supply chain.

She also served as a traffic safety advisor for The Defense Safety Oversight Council Private Motor Vehicle Taskforce and on the President’s Task Force on Federal Training Technology to deliver enhanced multimedia education and communication content over the Internet. An outcome of these efforts resulted in more than 750,000 military personnel and federal employees upgrading safety skills by taking driver safety courses.

Prior to NSC Debra had a 20-year career with Eastman Kodak Company as an award-winning Federal Account Manager establishing high-level partnerships with many top decision-makers in the federal sector.

As Digital Solutions Director at Kodak she launched the Portraits & More Digital System product in major sports and entertainment venues and served in a pivotal role orchestrating Kodak’s digital presence at the 1996 Summer Olympics and the 1998 Super Bowl.

Email: debra.ferris@findsafetytrainers.com